• 1.  Is black granite the most expensive one?

    No, there are other colors that are more expensive than black. But, as a general rule, the darker the polished stone, the more expensive it will be. We have certain colors of black that are quite affordable. One of these more affordable black granites is Mongolia Black. Though not Jet Black (Shanxi Black), it satisfies the taste of many clients who desire a low cost black granite.
    Black granite is included in a group of colors that are on the higher end of the price spectrum. We believe this is true for a couple of reasons. First, black granite is very popular and this effects its price. Second, the blackest granite is sometimes imported from overseas, from places like India, Africa and so forth. Freight cost is a factor. Last, etching is incorporated onto black monuments. This etching process is what in many cases contributes the most to the final price of a black monument. If black granite is your preference, we can meet that need for any budget.
  • 2.  Why should I purchase from an MBNA firm?

    Only a professional Memorialist has the skills to design a memorial, which will capture the memory you wish to create. The MBNA is an international association of professional memorialists. As part of their membership, MBNA members subscribe to a statement of policy, the Code of Good Practice, that promotes fair and honest business practices, which in turn serve to protect you, the consumer. MBNA members specialize in making memorials while many other dealers usually sell memorials as a sideline.

  • 3.  What form of payment term do you take?

    So far we accept L/C, T/T, Visa, MasterCard and bank drafts.

  • 4.  Do you offer shipping and insurance?

    We have a professional shipping agent that can help us cover business to all over the world. No matter where you are, we can arrange shipping to your port or warehouse directly. If necessary, we can buy insurance for you.

  • 5.  How can I be sure of what I am getting?

    At Xiamen HQ Stone Co.,Ltd / XIAMEN HENGQUAN IMP.&EXP.DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD , it is our goal to give our customers exactly what they want. In order to ensure accuracy of your order, we will e-mail or fax a printout of your monument before we make it. This is your opportunity to check the design, spelling and overall appearance of your monument for accuracy. Only when you have approved the order, we will schedule your monument for production.

  • 6.  How much does a monument cost?

    The cost of your memorial will vary, based on size, material, finish and possible extra items. Anyone can adjust quality to accommodate a lower price. We are glad to give you specific prices by asking a few simple questions.

  • 7.  What is important when purchasing a monument?

    You will need the length, width and height of the tablet or top piece of the stone. You also need the length, width and height of the base piece of the stone.
    How the stone is finished, or polished, will affect the price you will be charged.
    P2 — Polished on two sides; the front and the back of the tablet are polished smooth. This leaves the top and ends of the tablet in a rough natural finish.
    P3 — Polished on three sides; the front, the back and the top of the tablet are polished smooth. This leaves just the ends of the tablet in a rough natural finish.
    P5 — Polished on all five sides; the front, the back, the top and both ends are polished smooth. This leaves no rough natural finish on the tablet.
    The quality of stone your monument is made of is extremely important. You need to know the specific name of the granite or marble you are considering. Regardless of what you are told, all granites and marbles are not the same. It is very important to know which quality of stone you are having priced. Other important consideration is the type of lettering. Make certain the company double processes their carving and lettering. Do they provide a scaled rendering?

  • 8.  What is the best material for the headstone?

    Our company uses only the finest granite to craft our monuments and memorials. Our granite is quarried throughout the world and comes in a variety of colors. Granite is one of the hardest material on earth, so you can be assured that your memorial will stand the test of time!
    We also offer marble, however it is not recommended unless you are matching an existing piece. Marble is very soft and the weather will wear away at it. Lichen also attach themselves much more readily to marble than to granite, causing the stone to have black spots which are difficult to control. Granite is much more durable and easier to care for than marble.

  • 9.  What is the difference between granite and marble?

    The composition of granite and marble is very different. Granite is an igneous rock that was once a molten mass called magma. Marble is created by a concentration of bones and shells of sea creatures that build up a deposit of lime. Marble is a sedimentary stone and will break down quickly when exposed to the weather, while granite is an igneous rock and will show little to no change for centuries. Therefore, marble is not nearly as hard as granite and will erode over the years. Granite is the preferred material to use for memorials because of its durability.

  • 10.  Why purchase a monument from Xiamen Hengquan Imp.&Exp.Development Co.,Ltd/Xiamen HQ Stone Co.,Ltd?

    Xiamen HQ Stone Co.,Ltd / XIAMEN HENGQUAN IMP.&EXP.DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD has been in the stone business since 1967. We understand that purchasing a monument may be confusing to the average person. We will always be here to help you every step of the way to answer any questions you might have. Our prices are some of the most reasonable and favorable in China, and all of our monuments come with a lifetime guarantee. Your satisfaction with us is guaranteed!

  • 11.  Does the color of stone affect the price?

    Yes, different colors come from different parts of the world with different quarries. Darker stones tend to be more expensive than the grey granite stones. Today, the market has become much more competitive, allowing for better pricing memorials.

  • 12.  Do you dye your granite?

    Of course not! We are committed to have a long term cooperation. Besides, as a member of MBNA, we are strict with our quality. We can guarantee our quality and services.

  • 13.  Are there different monument styles?

    Certainly, we make various monuments in accordance with customers' requests.Of course, we have some common styles for reference: single monument, double monument, child-shaped monument, animal-shaped monument, mausoleum and so forth.

  • 14.  Are the memorials designed on computer aided design (CAD) systems?

    CAD systems are used extensively in the process. This capability is not only a time saver, but also allows extensive use of design libraries for ease of design. The CAD system produces a proof sheet, which is a facsimile of the rubber stencil used in the manufacturing process, guaranteeing quality. Custom designs are often hand drawn and etched or sandblast by artisans.

  • 15.  Is there a practical advantage to polishing the top or ends (sides) of a monument?

    A monument will wear the same whether the top or end surfaces are polished or not. However, polishing the top will keep the monument cleaner, especially in shaded areas of a cemetery. In shady areas, the stone surface will stay wet longer, aiding in the growth of mold spores and mildew. This can become quite unsightly on the monument, and can, over time, cause permanent staining. Polishing the top of a monument significantly reduces the chance of this happening. Some of our customers believe that a monument looks more finished if the top and ends are polished. On the other hand, some say they like leaving these surfaces rough, since after all, the monument is made of stone, and to them the rough surface looks more natural.

  • 16.  How is etching done on a monument and can it be done on any monument, regardless of color?

    Etching is usually done on black granite. This is because the process used to create the etch is simply scratching, or removing the polished surface of the stone, revealing the lighter, natural color of the rock underneath. This can be done by hand with a diamond-tipped etching tool, or by the use of a laser beam. Black granite is actually a medium gray color before it is polished. The image that is seen in an etch is visible because of this contrast of the dark polished surface and the lighter stone color underneath. If this technique was applied to a light colored, polished surface, such as gray, there would not be sufficient contrast for the image to be seen.

  • 17.  What is the difference between a hand etching and a laser etching?

    Hand etchings are done by an artist who uses specialized diamond-tipped tools to create a series of tiny impressions directly in the black granite. These impressions will last forever and provide the maximum amount of clarity of an image. Laser etchings are done using a computer.

  • 18.  Why do some monument carvings cost more?

    When purchasing a monument, carefully consider the craftsmanship. Understand the types of carvings that are going to be incorporated into the monument you selected. Different types of carvings yield different results in artistry, hence cost more than others to create.
    Always demand that a full size drafting of your monument be drawn up before any work is to begin. This allows you to see how large your carvings and lettering will be in proportion to the size of the monument.

  • 19.  What is the difference between a sandblast-carved design and an etched design?

    Sandblast-carved designs are created by our craftsmen using a pre-cut stencil and a variety of sandblasting booths. Sandblast carving is used primarily for lettering and line-drawing types of images. Etched designs are created "free-hand" by an artist using a diamond-tipped etching tool. Etchings are most often used for creating scenes or portraits. If you would like a hand-etched image, we recommend selecting one of the black granites, such as Shanxi Black. For more information on hand-etched images, please feel free to Contact Us.

  • 20.  What is the lifetime of a memorial?

    Granite is an extremely hard material that withstands the elements very well. Unlike marble, a softer substance, granite has been and will continue to be around for centuries. We are extremely selective in our granite choices that we offer clients. All granite is not alike and can vary depending on its quality, origination and workmanship.

  • 21.  Do granite monuments fade over time?

    Good granite does not fade or discolor over time. Don't be afraid to ask your monument company about its quality guarantees. There is a difference between good and bad granite. Using a good quality granite will allow the memorial to last hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years.

  • 22.  Are there different types of granite used in tombstone production?

    Just like wood, no two pieces of granite are the same. Granite comes from all over the word and different parts of the world have different varieties and colors of granite. Much of the granite used by monument companies today comes from countries like China, India and Brazil - because it's less expensive. Xiamen HQ Stone Co.,Ltd / XIAMEN HENGQUAN IMP.&EXP.DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD uses only consistent source for its clear stock, otherwise we wouldn't be able to offer a high quality guaranteed product for our customers.
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